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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 12:11

Content marketing

Creating quality content is just one part of what we do, our highly-skilled content marketing experts are trained to create comprehensive campaigns, utilizing the latest industry tools to deliver the very best results.

Targeted content promotion combined with social seeding and influencer outreach helps your brand reach new audiences, engage with your existing target market and develop your online voice.


Our wide range of services includes:
  • Content strategy and planning
  • In-depth competitor content audits
  • Complete content creation, design and publication
  • Multi-channel content promotion
  • Results driven digital PR
  • Social seeding
  • Optimised copywriting

Content strategy and planning

We analyze your surrounding industry and run a detailed audit of your competitors to develop and strategies innovative content ideas with your goals in mind.


Writing copy for online channels requires a different approach to copywriting for print. Creating content that is succinct and targeted will encourage the user to engage with your brand and ultimately help increase conversion. Website content is about more than just words on a page – understanding your website goals, creating relevant links within the copy and understanding the importance of call to actions are just some of the areas we consider when assisting you with content creation. 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015 12:09

Film, Video, VFX

Interstern is a full service Visual Media Communications Company. The scope of our activities covers the full gamut of commercial media production - from Corporate & Advertising films, to Multimedia & Animation. A proven track record in Film & Television production enables us to deliver solutions with visual flair and technical excellence

Due to universality of our team Interstern has a unique experience in various fields including CGI and VFX for movies, television, tv commercials, architectural visualization.

We also can operate as an independent production house organizing shooting all over the world.


  • Creative Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Interactive Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Broadcast Design
  • Sound Design
  • 3D Design and Development
  • pre-visualisation, on set supervision and data gathering, set surveying and scanning, prop and actor cyber scanning and shoot production and coordination.


Budgeting and Methodology

Break your script down into its components, coming up with the methodology and associated costs for the shots.

Offer creative and cost effective solutions, to deliver the maximum storytelling impact on screen for the minimum cost

Financial management

Provide a variety of flexible solutions to the management of your VFX budgetary needs.

Provide a range of status and financial reports for Producers, Funds or Private Investors as required.

The ongoing financial management of the project - constantly reviewing as ideas develop, issues arise and the work evolves.


Work with the Editor and Director to turnover VFX to the facilities - including re-bidding sequences where appropriate.

Provide coordination and management of the VFX Postproduction Pipeline, including VFX Editor, database, reporting, note-taking, schedules and delivery to DI.

Work with the VFX and SFX facilities to ensure successful delivery of the VFX and SFX on schedule and budget.

Public Relations for Short and Documentary Films

Interstern team believes: the future is about consuming content via mobile and that is where short films perfectly fit in. 

Interstern specializes in Short and Documentary film Public relations campaigns. We create tailor made campaignes for independent short and documentary film-makers which promote their uniqueness. Our team of professionals have extensive publicity experience at a number of film festivals including Cannes, Tel-Aviv Doc, Kinotavr and IMFF. We do what it takes to provide our clients with only the very best results, and always ensure they are kept in the public eye through all mediums.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015 12:01

Web design

The websites we create deliver an outstanding online presence that also achieves proven commercial results for our clients. Now we only need one site which can adapt, whether you are using a Desktop Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet


This is what we consider while designing your website:
  • Usability
  • Visualization
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility

User Interface Design

We are able to create engaging and intuitive websites that work across multiple devices and with a performance focus.

Mobile & Tablet Solutions

With a focus on usability, ease of navigation, concise purposful content and speedy load times, our mobile solutions are designed to deliver the results you need in this rapidly evolving channel.

Social Media

You'll need to guarantee that all of your social media channels look great, make the most of the functionality available within each channel and ensure they deliver a consistent and engaging message that reflects the values that underpin your brand.

We have the experience to create engaging social media environments and applications, and tie these assets into your wider social media strategy, often working closely with our in house Social Media team.

Web Applications

Web applications are tools that enable users to engage and undertake tasks within an internet browser environment
We have extensive experience in the design and development of complex web applications

Mobile Applications

When it comes to first impressions, it’s all about design. We’ll put our passion for good design to work and based on approved wireframes we’ll design all screens for your iPhone or iPad app


Wednesday, 16 September 2015 11:58

Social Media

Your social media channels can be the first impression your visitor has of your organization. Consumers can now find your company via a social media environment, as well as search engines.


This is how we will do it:
  • Identify the right social media channels to build your brand
  • Produce an actionable social media strategy
  • Curate a strong customer base
  • Create innovative campaigns
  • Create sharable content
  • Identify key influencers and build relationships


Wednesday, 16 September 2015 11:35


Our aim is not only to improve your website’s visibility within the search engines, but to drive traffic to your site that converts. We constantly monitor the Google algorithm and refine accounts to ensure they are always getting the best possible results.

Creating great content and adding social signals across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ help us achieve better results for our clients.


This is how we will do it:
  • Sentiment Analysis Benchmarking
  • Social Monitoring
  • Content Development
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Reporting


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